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13 of the Best Gay Marriage Videos


The recent Australian marriage ad inspired us to plumb the emotional depths of YouTube for more.

This week brought forth of one of the most compelling TV ads for gay marriage we've seen so far--which, naturally, took us down a long YouTube blackhole in search of similarly evocative, inspiring, or just hilarious videos that support marriage equality. In the following pages, we've collected 13 of our favorite videos on the topic, ranging from editrix Anna Wintour's no-nonsense stance and Alec Baldwin's frustration at not being able to marry Jesse Tyler Ferguson to an Irish man asking his entire country for someone's hand in marriage and, below, a clip of a 19-year-old raised by two mothers, explaining to the Iowa House of Representatives why is family is no different from theirs.

Your family doesn't derive its sense of worth from being told by the State, "You're married, congratulations."

Blanche, will you marry me?

Now you'd wish we'd all shut up.

But make our clothes and fix our hair!

This vote is not about politics. This vote is about an issue of fairness and equality.

How would you feel if you had to ask 4 million people for permission to get married.

As far as I'm concerned, having the right to say "I do" is as fundamental as the right to vote.

It's very simple. If you don't believe in same-sex marriage, then don't marry somebody of the same sex.

My son is not an issue--he is a person, just like you.

Not even long lines, 100-degree weather, or creatures that crawled out of the Devil'ssyphilitic anus could ruin this special day.

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My church tells me there's a slippery slope for allowing gay marriage rights. But they don't talk about the slippery slope of not allowing it.

Um, Alec, you are straight.
That's not the point.

Marriage says that we are a family. And marriage strengthens all families.

If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, support overturning Prop. 8 and make them get married, like the rest of us.

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