The Office Style Guide


By Fabian Main

How to dress appropriately for the office this summer

In Your Time of Tying

There’s nothing worse than wearing a tie in the middle of summer -- it feels as if Mother Nature is personally choking you out. Loosen up a little and let that collar unbuttoned. However, a word of warning: a little débrolletage is fine, but this isn’t 2000 and you’re not Jennifer Lopez heading to the Grammys. Have you ever tried to recover from a nip slip during an important meeting? It’s not pretty. Though if you really must, silk, linen, or cotton is the way to go.

Clockwise from left: Reversible Silk Knit Tie by Hermès, $250; Hemp & Cotton Tie by Otis James Nashville, $110; Plaid Tie by Black Bleece by Brooks Brothers, $59, at Barney's.

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