30 Rock's Gayest Moments


By Out.com Editors

The 10 greatest LGBT characters on Tina Fey's NBC juggernaut



A scene in a gay club? Check. The 30 Rock cast has explored just about every possible facet of gay life. For the second half of the list, we plumb more strange depths of human individuality...
6. LeGreta “Greta” Johannsen

Played by Rachel Dratch
Occupation: Animal wrangler
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
First Appearance: episode 101
An animal wrangler who is attracted to Liz Lemon’s “debilitating loneliness”. She offers to relocate Lemon to her ferret farm 60 miles north of the city and carry her baby.

7. Lutz
Played by John Lutz
Real Name: J.D. Lutz
Occupation: Staff Writer, “The Girlie Show”
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother
Health Issues: Thyroid problem, “gland problem”, had 2 undescended testicles, mouth-breather, feminine cramping, has to support his chest with a brassiere, chimp bit his nipple off.
State of Origin: Alaska (has “Inuit” ancestry)
Education: Oberlin College
Marital Status: Karen (imaginary girlfriend)
Sexual Orientation: ???
Age: “Almost 46″
First Appearance: episode 102
“Lutz” is introduced as a member of the TGS writing staff who is plagued by a series of sexual proclivities and health conditions. By the fourth season, he is depicted as being terrified of even the smallest conflicts and pressures, lying about himself to appear cooler and make friends and has become the regular target of malicious pranks and belittling insults. Despite his claims to have a girlfriend in Canada, and being attracted to women, he regularly expresses desires for men.

8. Sacha
Played by Blaine Horton
Group Affiliation: Jenna Maroney’s Entourage
First Appearance: episode 208
He is the lead bitchy gay in TGS star, Jenna Maroney’s entourage. Always ready with a cutting comment or exaggerated facial expression, he is accompanied on separate occasions by sassy Patrice, the holistic healer, Master Alexei, Michael and Gay Michael.

9. D'Fwan
Played by Tituss Burgess
Occupation: Gay hairdresser/homosexual party planner. Reality show star “style” “expert”
Marital Status: Unnamed boyfriend (even gayer)
First Appearance: episode 511
His job as Angie Jordan’s hairstylist leads to a role in her reality television show, “Queen of Jordan”. He was thrown out of the military for “going berserker on all those dudes and tried to bang everybody”. A self-described “queer-fectionist” and “sexual maniac” he once spent $4000 on Chihuahua outfits for himself. He was being considered for his own reality show spinoff where he works as a matchmaker for wealthy dogs but was last seen as a judge on the competition show, “America’s Kidz Got Singing.”

10. Devin Banks
Played by Will Arnett
Occupation: Former GE VP of West Coast News, Web Content and Theme Park Talent Relations
Education: Northwestern, majoring in Confidence
Marital Status: Kathy Geiss (ex-fiancée) Cashmere (husband)
Known Relatives: Triplet sons (Chana, Mikonos, Unnamed)
Base of Operations: Brooklyn
Religion: Church of Practicology
Weakness: Kenneth, the Page
Smells like: self-tanning cream and teeth whitener
First Appearance: episode 118
Banks is a former NBC page who is in competition with Jack Donaghy for the GE chairmanship. He finagles his way into an advisor position by becoming engaged to the bosses daughter after claiming he is no longer gay. He loses the position to Jack after almost running the company into the ground and then uses his social relationship with Sasha and Malia Obama to find a government position leading a task force in charge of regulating corporate bailouts. When Obama’s administration began to falter, he distanced himself from the campaign and unable to regain his foothold, he marries a male dancer, moves to Brooklyn and has triplets. When Donaghy needs help rejuvenating a gay television network called “TWINKS” he enlists Banks’ aid. Banks uses his family man status to get in favor with Donaghy’s new boss, but is unable to let go of his new life as a househusband.
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