Need To Know: Sally Shapiro


By Jason Lamphier

How long have you known this?
Since high school.

You never mentioned this when we talked last time.
You didn't ask.

Have you dated a woman?
That is also too personal. I can say I am more of a novice in the woman's side than in the man's side.

Do you think you'll ever write about getting into a relationship with a woman in your music?
I hope I will. And with some of the lyrics, I think you can imagine what you want. It's not out of the question.

Have you written a song yet with a woman in mind?

Which songs?
Well, they are not on the record.

Do you think we'll ever hear it?
No, because it is not good enough.

Is Johan still never allowed in the room when you record the vocals for the songs?
No. When I recorded the first songs, he had to really persuade me to do it, but now he doesn't really have to persuade me. Now I do it because I want to do it. He is forbidden to come in, but sometimes he does it and then I stop singing. But it doesn't feel as bad as it did in the beginning.

If you were to perform live, what do you think a Sally Shapiro show would look like? How do you envision it?
I have envisioned it in different ways. When I first thought about it, I thought it would be more of a show, with male dancers in tight pants and a lot of hair pointing every way, dancing in a very '80s way. Now I think if I do a show, it would be calmer, probably just Johan and me with a movie in the background -- not so dance-y.

Speaking of the new album, what is your guilty pleasure?
A year ago I would've said disco, but now it's musicals and movies. Hugh Grant movies -- like, I'll watch them three times in a row.

What's you're favorite Hugh Grant movie?
I like Notting Hill. It's fantastic, the best one. But then I also like Music and Lyrics.

With Drew Barrymore, right?
Yes, I could say I have a crush on Drew Barrymore.

My Guilty Pleasure is now available digitally and in stores. For more info on Sally Shapiro, check out their website.

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