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The Lesbian Goth Brides Who Went Viral Are Now Pregnant

The Lesbian Goth Brides Who Went Viral Are Now Pregnant

goth lesbians announce baby

The couple will welcome a heavily tattooed, goth baby in March 2020

Ivy and Terry Rebel first went viral back in May 2019 when the two beautiful, tattooed goth brides tied the knot in a fittingly dark and stylish wedding. Now the fittingly named newlyweds are back in the news again, after telling the tattoo website Inked Mag they are expecting their first child. A baby gothlord is coming!

The publication caught up with the duo last week in an Instagram-photo laden profile highlighting their all-black nuptials. As photographed by Krista Howell, the brides both dressed in elegant, black gowns with trains. Ivy styled her blue hair in a long ponytail, while Terry wore a crown of deep red crystals. With tattoos, lace, and heavy black eye makeup to accessorize, the couple looked like the most beautiful lesbian horror movie you'll ever see.

Terry says the two always wear black and "both dress more feminine," so the idea of two brides wearing black dresses seemed perfect. They were just trying to be themselves; they didn't know how much it would resonate with others.

"When our wedding went viral, we were excited to see such positive support for our relationship and our wedding," Terry recalled in conversation with Inked. "A lot of people said it inspired them to have a wedding where they can be themselves and think outside of the box."

When they got married, the couple knew they wanted to start a family, and Ivy started researching intrauterine insemination. She was inseminated on her birthday, which she says "felt very magical."

"[I]t was the best birthday present ever," she says.

Ivy and Terry couldn't be more excited to see their goth family grow. When asked what they most look forward to about being moms, Terry says that she's excited to teach her child "to be the most amazing human." Ivy agrees, saying she's excited to be able to "teach her to follow her dreams and always be herself."

Ivy has one other reason to be excited, though. "Dressing her in cute goth outfits to match us is definitely a plus," she adds.

Note: You can support the photographer who snapped the photos of Ivy and Terry's wedding by visiting her Instagram page.

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