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Stockholm Has Some Truly Sexy Statues

Stockholm Has Some Truly Sexy Statues

If you're into well-sculpted bodies and art history and in Stockholm, you're in luck, because this Swedish capital's brimming with rock hard abs and preening naked men. Those who are really gung-ho about Adonises will definitely want to head to Millesgården, the former home of preeminent Swedish sculptor Carl Milles, a national treasure whose works pepper the city, and the world: a replica of his famous 1926 creation Sunsinger can be found at the National Memorial Gardens in Falls Church, Virginia.

Fellow Swedes John Börjeson and Christian Erikkson are also represented on the city streets. Börjeson's "Fången Viking" (Captured Viking), which, as you see below, was recently tagged, stands strong but vulnerable, and Erikkson's "Bågspännaren" (The Arbalester) in Kornhamnstorg, a central square, memorializes Swedish rebel leader Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson's 15th Century rebellion against the Danes.


If you like what you see, and you will, and can't make it over to Stockholm, here's the link to an online walking tour, though they're offerings aren't as scintillating as the ones we tracked down for this brief leer at some of Stockholm's chiseled wonders.


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