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Noted TERF J.K. Rowling Promotes Anti-Trans Store to Followers

J. K. Rowling

At this point, did we expect anything else?

J.K. Rowling is taking yet another passive aggressive shot at the transgender community.

The Harry Potter author recently promoted the company Wild Womyn Workship, a United Kingdom-based online store that markets itself as a feminist group even though most of its merchandise is blatantly anti-trans.

This week, Rowling decided to plug one of the company's shirts that says, "This witch doesn't burn," which seems to reference the criticism she's received in the last few months over her comments about trans people. She even went so far as to encourage her 14 million followers to only buy from this store, not "from cynical chancers."

Many of the items the store sells include pins with anti-trans messages, including one that says "Transwomen are men."


Other items they sell include pins that say "Woman is not a costume" and "Transmen are my sisters" and "Sorry about your dick bro" and "XX (female)" and "F*ck your pronouns" and "Transactivism is Misogyny," some of which even display the trans flag just in case their hateful rhetoric wasn't clear enough.

Additional anti-trans messages include "Self-ID Erases Women" and "Woman Not 'Cis'" and a mug that reads "Notorious Transphobe."



Recently, Rabble Books & Games, a bookstore in Western Australia, announced it will no longer stock books written by Rowling in protest to her public assaults on the trans and LGBTQ+ communities.

"We're not going to stock new JK Rowling books and we won't be keeping Robert Galbraith books (her pseudonym for crime novels) on the shelf anymore," Rabble Books said via Instagram. "Though we don't sell many, we're going to phase out the Harry Potter books too."

Rabble Books also recommended for customers to order the Harry Potter books as they do with any they don't regularly stock. The proceeds from tese sales will be donated to TransFolk of Western Australia, a peer support and information service for trans and gender diverse people in Western Australia.

Rowling's TERF war was in full flame late last year when she made a series of transphobic remarks while also claiming to "love" trans people.

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