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Watch the Fun, Sexy, Sporty Full Trailer For A League of Their Own

Watch the Fun, Sexy, Sporty Full Trailer For A League of Their Own


Now this is going to be an all-time great show!

It's time to play ball!

The first trailer for Amazon Prime Video's upcoming A League of Their Own series has dropped, and we can't wait to get out to the ballpark. Based on the classic movie, but going deeper into issues of race, gender, and sexuality, A League of Their Own was created by Abbi Jacobson and Will Graham and is coming this August to Prime Video. Let's take a look at this new preview.


Right off the bat, we get a great look at what type of character series creator Abbi Jacobson will be playing. Her Idaho housewife Carson Shaw is running for a train, about to miss it when she jumps on at the last second. This is a go-getter and someone desperate to play.

Soon, we meet more of the players, including D'arcy Carden's Greta and Melanie Fields' Jo, who look inspired by Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell's characters from the original film.

"Hey you, you're clearly going to tryouts," Jo says.

"She doesn't look like that much competition," a gorgeous Greta adds.

"I can be competition. I think," Shaw replies.

Apart from Shaw, we also meet the series' other lead, Max Chapman, a Black woman who wants to be a pitcher, played by Chante Adams. When she shows up to try out, she's rejected and told, "I don't think you understand. This is the All-American League."

"We're pretty All-American," she responds, before throwing a ball all the way across the field and into the stands. It's another callback to the original movie, which had one scene where a Black woman similarly throws the ball better than anyone on the team actually can. But here, that woman is one of the protagonists.

Later in the trailer, we see Max trying out for a different team, one that requires her dressing up like a boy and getting a job at a factory. Adams shines in the trailer and looks like a breakout star.

"Peaches, I'd like to go through a few rules," the team's chaperone says, followed by a montage of the Peaches breaking all these rules. "Curfew is at 10pm sharp. No smoking, or drinking. No pants." If this trailer is any indication, this is going to be one fun and wild team of ball players!

There's also plenty of great baseball footage since this is a baseball show after all. And, of course, there's some lesbianism! At the end of the trailer, we see some sapphic glances exchanged between Shaw and Greta, and even a quick glimpse at a scene of them holding hands!!

This really is going to be the gay baseball show of our dreams. This show is going places (including the Emmys) so get on board early!

A League of Their Own premieres its first three episodes on August 12 on Amazon Prime Video.

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