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Real World: New Orleans Reunion Series Reintroduces Gay Castmate Danny to the World

Real World: New Orleans Reunion Series Reintroduces Gay Castmate Danny to the World


It's about to get even more real!

22 years later, the roommates are going back to New Orleans to once again see how real things can get.

MTV has been giving fans the Real World cast reunions we've been dying for, and this time they are delivering! After the first two seasons of Paramount+'s The Real World Homecoming reunited the casts from the New York and Los Angeles seasons, the new season will return to New Orleans, where the show happened back in the year 2000.

One major storyline from the original show that looks like it will be addressed is castmate Danny Roberts' sexuality and boyfriend. Danny, who was 22 when the show first aired, had only just come out to his parents when he went on the famous reality show.

But Danny wasn't the only gay man to appear on TheReal World: New Orleans. He also was dating a man at the time named Paul, who was in the military. Now, if you remember back in 2000, an official policy known as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was on the books. Because of this policy, which allowed gay people to serve in the military as long as they weren't out, Paul's face was blurred every time he appeared on the show.

"I have to be very careful what I reveal about him," Danny said at the time. "I could ruin his career, his life."

Another queer storyline on the show that season involved another housemate Julie, who was a member of the LDS church, and had called homosexuality "disgusting" during her audition for the show. When she met Danny, she changed her views.

In the new reunion, Danny talks about what it was like dating someone who wasn't even out to his friends or family, let alone in the military. "We couldn't live a public life," Danny says in the trailer. "To see his face not blurred, it still makes me nervous."

Tune into Paramount+ on April 20 to see all the drama and just how real it all gets.

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