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Ghosts Star Opens Up About What Isaac Higgintoot's Own Hamilton-Like Musical Would Be Like

Ghosts Star Opens Up About What Isaac Higgintoot's Own Hamilton-Like Musical Would Be Like

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What would a musical about the gay Revolutionary War captain look like? Actor Brandon Scott Jones tells Out his theories.

Ghosts is CBS's runaway new comedy hit, and we love learning more about each individual ghost.

One of our favorite characters on the show is, of course, the gay Revolutionary War Captain Isaac Higgintoot, played by Brandon Scott Jones. Isaac is a real gentleman of his time who loves being proper and following decorum. But he's also trying to find his place in the world, and that's something deeply relatable.

He also loves a good musical.

When we met Isaac, he thought he was an important part of American history. That was until he had Sam, the new owner of the house played by Rose McIver, Googles him and finds out that he died of dysentery just two weeks after the battle of Fort Ticonderoga and is just a footnote in history now.

Distraught, Isaac asks Sam (a journalist) to write a book about him to secure his place in history. But when he found out that another Revolutionary War hero, one that he knew and hated, already has a hit musical about his life, Isaac found a new dream: to turn his life into a hit Broadway musical like Hamilton.

Now that he's come out to his friend Hetty, Jones hopes Isaac can grow and have room to make some progress in this area. "I hope he gets to have his relationship explored a little bit more with Nigel. I hope he gets to have a little bit more honesty with some other ghosts," Jones tells Out of Isaac, post-coming out. "I hope that he finally gets Sam to finish the novel about him so he can turn it into a Broadway musical and beat the sh*t out of Hamilton."

But, what exactly would that musical be like? Would it include rapping? Would he want Lin-Manuel Miranda involved? We talked to Jones, a self-declared "huge musical theater fan" to find out.

"I've thought about this. I think it's probably closer to 1776 than it is Hamilton," he laughs. "I think in my brain, Isaac accidentally hears Carly Rae Jepsen, and he's like, 'this is the woman who should be writing my music.' And so basically, it's 1776 centered around Isaac, but with Carly Rae Jepsen pop."

He adds that the musical would be "so fun" and "very sexy." If Carly Rae doesn't work out, he adds that Isaac could always turn to fellow ghost Alberta to write the music, making it a '20s jazz musical.

Carly Rae, are you available? We'd absolutely LOVE to see even just one song of the Higgintoot musical.

Ghosts airs Thursday nights on CBS at 9pm ET/PT. You can stream episodes on Paramount+.

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