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Loki Season 2 Is Reportedly Filming Sooner Than We Think

Loki Season 2 Is Reportedly Filming Sooner Than We Think


Get ready for the continuing adventures of our favorite bisexual antihero.

Our favorite magical genderfluid, bisexual Asgardian superhero is coming back sooner than we thought!

According to a recent report from ScreenRant, the much anticipated Loki season 2 will start filming this summer in England. The show's first season was a huge hit and confirmed that the trickster god is bisexual, and ever since it ended, fans have been begging for more.

Loki follows the god of mischief (played by Tom Hiddleston) as he travels through the multiverse, finding other versions of him, called Variants. He's tasked by the Time Variance Authority, a mysterious group tasked with maintaining the order of time in the "Sacred Timeline" to hunt down one specific Variant, a female Loki named Sylvie.

The show developed quite the queer following. In one episode, Loki and Sylvie are taking some time to get to know each other when they bring up the subject of each other's love lives. "How about you," Sylvie asks Loki, "You're a prince, must have been would-be-princess. Or perhaps another prince?" "A bit of both, I suspect the same as you," Loki replied.

However, Kate Herron, who served as showrunner for the first season said that that line was all that Loki's sexuality would be explored in her time on the show. "I would say in our story, this is how we acknowledge it," she told ET, "But I hope that that paves the way for deeper exploration." Herron won't be returning for season two.

Loki season 2 news will surely provide some hope for fans who ship the god with Agent Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), the TVA agent who works with him. The two had great chemistry in the first season and fans immediately latched onto the pair.

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe slowly introducing queer characters into their movies and shows, the chance that Loki will kiss a man on screen is ever-so-slightly rising. After having essentially zero queer characters in the first decade of the MCU, Marvel Studios recently introduced Phastos, the first gay superhero in the MCU in The Eternals, and will give Valkyrie a female love interest in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

We can also look forward to lesbian superhero America Chavez's introduction in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Gay superheroes Wiccan and Speed were also introduced in WandaVision, but as children. Hopefully, with season two, Loki will get some much-needed queer screentime.

The first season of Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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