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Exclusive: Watch Sophie Sing in The L Word Generation Q's Musical Ep

Exclusive: Watch Sophie Sing in The L Word Generation Q's Musical Ep

The L Word Generation Q
Nicole Wilder/Showtime

Marja-Lewis Ryan speaks on the upcoming episode, and Sophie Suarez sings in an exclusive clip!

This has been the best season of The L Word: Generation Q, and it's about to get even better.

In the sixth episode of season three, Shane, Alice, and Sophie go on a magical, and musical journey through their trauma after taking ayahuasca at a retreat. The resulting episode is pure sapphic magic and pure queer greatness.

We've got a special exclusive look at one of the songs from the new episode, and we talked to showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan about how the musical came to be.

"I'm a deep, deep, deep theater nerd," Ryan says. "I have always wanted to do a musical. I've been trying to get someone to let me direct Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat live on television for years now."

She told Showtime years ago that she wanted to do a musical episode, and now her dream has come true. You can even see evidence of her testing out her ideas in last season's karaoke and promposal episodes (the promposal choreographer also choreographed this episode!).

In the episode, Ryan encouraged everyone on the L Word team to flex their muscles and show off as much as they could. The results are seen in everything from the performances, to the songs, to the dancing, to the costumes and hair, to the lighting, and every other part of the episode.

"I wanted to challenge the people that work for me too. My costume designer and my production designer and my director, everyone," she says. "The director, Nancy Mejia, has been with this show since its inception. And she's been with me all three years in different capacities. And I just loved being able to just bring the best of us and really challenge the people that already work here to see what else we can do."

"To me, there's something so exciting about a really queer flex where we get to show how f*cking good we are," she continues. "And there's just so many women, so many queer people work on this show. And it really does feel excellent to me. It feels excellently executed. And I'm just so proud for people to feel proud of that."

Without spoiling anything, let's just say this episode gives L Word fans everything they could possibly want.

It's got Shane as the lead of a musical, legendary queer singer Leisha Hailey of The Murmers and Uh Huh Her singing songs, Rosanny Zayas getting to belt out a "And I Am Telling You" style ballad, L Word stars in period costumes, and plenty of surprises.

"We made it from a place of 'what do we want as fans?'" Ryan says. "What do we really want? And it's just this really pure execution of a fantasy. We want that too. The writers wanted that too."

Check out Out's exclusive clip of one of the songs from this week's new episode.

The L Word: Generation Q streams every Friday on Showtime - and the special musical episode will air on Sunday, December 25 at 10pm.

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