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The Owl House Is Introducing a New Nonbinary Character to the Show

The Owl House Is Introducing a New Nonbinary Character to the Show

Raine Whispers

And nonbinary actor Avi Roque will be playing the character!

One of the queerest cartoons around just keeps getting queerer!

Nonbinary actor and voice artist Avi Roque tweeted yesterday that they will be playing a nonbinary witch on this Saturday's all-new episode of The Owl House!

Roque will be playing Raine Whispers, the nonbinary, "sharp and hardworking Head Witch of the Bard Coven," a new character that will be introduced in this week's new episode of the beloved Disney Channel series this Saturday at 10 a.m. ET. They said that the role is a "dream come true."

Last week, The Owl House had one of its gayest episodes yet, which is saying a lot for the show. Luz and Amity spent the whole day together researching in the library. After Amity got in trouble for abusing her library employee powers and got fired, Luz was determined to help her get her job back.

After an episode full of blushing and nervous looks, Amity was so thankful to Luz that she kissed her right on the cheek. It was ADORABLE! The episode also featured Amity talking to her sister about the new, confusing feelings she has ever since Luz entered her life. This is some real gay sh*t.

And Raine isn't the first nonbinary character featured in a kid's cartoon! In 2019, Steven Universe: Future introduced a character named Shep, played by Indya Moore. Previously, back in 2015, Steven Universe also introduced the world to Stevonnie, who is both an intersex and nonbinary fusion of the two human characters Steven and Connie.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power also had a nonbinary character, the shapeshifter Double Trouble, who was voiced by Jacob Tobia. Other shows with nonbinary characters include Danger and Eggs, Craig of the Creek, and Kipo and the Age of Wonder Beasts.

The creators of both Steven Universe and She-Ra, Rebecca Sugar and Noelle Stevenson, are nonbinary.

The first five episodes of The Owl House season 2 are now available to watch on Disney+, and new episodes premiere every Saturday morning. Tune in to see just how queer this show can get!

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