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'Drag Race España' Gives Glimpse In With Trailer and 'Meet the Queens'

Drag Race Espana trailer.

So let's get this over with: there's no look at the robust Pit Crew yet.

It's the year 2021, the year of our reigning RuPaul and the world is prepping for the latest Drag Race launch. After RuPaul's Drag Race aired its 13th season. RuPaul's Drag Race U.K. put out its second, and while RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under is still going through its debut, Drag Race España is gearing up and ready to go. And finally, there's a first look trailer.

Drag Race España boasts ten queens competing to be Spain's first drag superstar. The show is hosted by Supremme de Luxe and includes designer Ana de Locking, as well as the creative duo Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, on the judging panel. For the first episode, actor and model Jon Kortajarena will perform as guest judge with Paca La Piraña of Veneno coming later. 

The competing queens include Killer Queen, Pupi Poisson, Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha, Sagittaria, Carmen Farala, Dovima Nurmi, Drag Vulcano, Hugáceo Crujiente, Inti, and The Macarena. And then of course there is the Pit Crew.

In one of the largest debut pit crew groupings, a dozen men make up Drag Race España's Pit Crew and surprisingly they are wearing shoes in their promo photo. Whether footwear will translate over into the series — the group famously wears little more than underwear generally — is yet to be seen given that they don't make an appearance in the trailer.

Drag Race España will begin airing on Wow Presents Plus on May 30.

The show also released its Meet the Queens video which is a series stable. 

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