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Netflix's 'Elite' Announces Cryptic 'Elite Week,' 4 New Short Stories

Elite Week short stories

What is going on here? 

UPDATE: Netflix has now detailed what Elite Week and Elite Short Stories is.

Though we all knew Netflix's Elite was coming back for season four this summer, it looks like the show is going bigger than expected. After teasing storylines and characters on the official Instagram account, the series has now announced "Elite Week," leading up to the premiere of the new episodes.

"Elite Week is all about surprises, parties and crushes," the page posted in a caption. "4 Short Stories [June 14-17]. Elite [season 4, June 18.]"

The photos themselves don't reveal much more, but we can let our minds wander.

Season four of Elite will mark a turning point of sorts. While we've had the same core cast with some additions in the past, the end of season three saw the departure of a ton of old favorites. Those characters were graduating and off to other things in their lives. We are going to take the "four short stories" from the announcement to possibly mean four standalone episodes or short films. Having these based around some of the departing characters as a sort of final look -- Ester Exposito's Carla, Jorge Lopez's Valerio, Mina El Hammani's Nadia, and Danna Paola's Lucrecia -- seems like the most obvious idea here.

That said, Elite rarely loves to go for the most obvious idea, and if they do they always throw in a twist. The short stories could also be giving us backstory on the four new characters: Ari, Mencia, Patrick, and Phillipe. In this way, it could establish some background so when the season premieres we can hit the ground running. Only time will tell.

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