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Watch Dan Levy in Hilarious New Super Bowl Ad for M&M’s Candies

Dan Levy Previews Hilarious New Super Bowl Ad for M&M’s Candies

“I promise I will not eat any more of your friends.”

Looks like Dan Levy is getting his first Super Bowl ad. The hilarious spot features a series of characters offering a packet of M&M's along with a weak apology for some past transgression. Levy later revealed on Good Morning America days agothat his performance may cause controversy in the M&M's world.

"In terms of the M&M's world, my part is a controversial," Levy explained on the show. "I would say it's a controversial tag on the end of this very funny spot.

In Levy's cameo which appears at the end of the commercial, he promises Ms. Brown and Ms. Green he won't eat anymore of their friends, but then qualifies that promise when he sees Mr. Red locked in his car in the parking lot.

"Okay, it might happen one more time," Levy allows as he uses his key fob to lock his SUV.

Levy's performance is just one of a series of hilarious short scenes.

"I'm sorry for mansplaining," says one man to a woman, before shamelessly attempting to mainsplain the meaning of mainsplaining.

"I wish you didn't have to hear all that," says another man as he hurriedly exits a confessional booth.

Another woman offers M&M's and an apology for calling someone a Karen, and then offers a second bag when hearing the woman's name was actually Karen.

Hilarious (and expensive) television commercials have become a highlight of the NFL's Super Bowl championship, with even non-football fans tuning in to watch the highly popular spots. Levy chose to appear in the M&M's ad this year because he "thought it was so funny."

"I feel badly for having done what I do in this ad," he told GMA. "But you know what? Personally, it's worth it."

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