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Watch Dan Levy Guess Which Dudes Have Hot Torsos Based on Faces

Dan Levy and a shirtless guy.

So it’s like Grindr, but in reverse!

With the final season of Schitt's Creek airing, Dan Levy is on the talk show circuit. His latest: an appearance on The Late, Late Show with James Corden.

This week, Levy's appearance came at an interesting time for Corden. Apparently, he had promised a member of his band $10,000 if the guy didn't shave for a year and it was time to pay up. When Corden promised to cough up the coin later, the band (and later the guests of the show Levy and Kumail Nanjiani) held a peaceful protest, not engaging with the host until he wrote the check. Which he did, on air. The balance is restored.

That done, they could get to the real business at hand: playing "Rad Bod or Dad Bod." Themed after Nanjiani's recent body transition ("I really loved the old body," Levy admits at one point) the game revolves around the celebrities trying to guess whether a guy has a muscular body or not by looking at his face. So you know, Grindr but in reverse! And after a little disclaimer from Levy -- "I have the preface this by saying I think dad bods are rad bods," they are off.

The resulting game serves up some pretty amazing facial expressions from Levy after the reveals. Only after the first reveal, Levy says he's already "mesmerized." And for pretty good reason!

Later in the episode, Corden brings up photos of Schitt's Creek fans making out under a billboard depicting Dan kissing his costar, who plays his fiance on the show.

"It was our last season and I thought I have an opportunity and I have a network that will support me," Levy said as to why he wanted to put that specific billboard up. "It felt irresponsible not to do that."

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