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Dan Levy Revealed Where Schitt's Creek Got Its Name

Dan Levy Revealed Where Schitt's Creek Got Its Name

Schitt's Creek

The title of the beloved comedy show, and the fictional small town, actually got its name in the most un-Schitt's Creek way!

Dan Levy keeps on filling the hearts of Schitt's Creek fans who miss the show.

While the name Schitt's Creek might not seem the best title for a sentimental and positive show about family, love, and acceptance, it actually is the perfect fit. Screen Rant has discovered that the town, and show's name, actually came from a real-life conversation co-creator (and Dan's father) Eugene Levy had with some friends.

In the new book Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: The Story of Schitt's Creek, Dan Levy revealed that the title of the show, and the fictional town where it takes place, came from his father, Eugene, acting in a very un-Schitt'sCreek way. Years ago, Eugene and his friends were laughing at the idea of a hypothetical small, "backwards" town where local shops have names like "Schitt Hardware."

Eugene and his friends were definitely mocking small-towns initially, but both he and Dan later realized that that was the exact kind of thing the show was aiming to combat, and so they embraced the name. They even worked it into a season 2 episode.

In that episode, Johnny and Moira Rose are having dinner with some of their old, wealthy friends when Roland and Jocelyn Schitt show up to join them. The Roses' old friends know that they lost their fortune, but don't know the details of their current living conditions.

At first, the Roses' old friends are mercilessly mocking "Schittsville," a small community they passed on the way to the restaurant, but by the end of dinner, Johnny Rose has had enough.

"And that town you passed through?" Johnny says, "It's not called Schittsville. It's called Schitt's Creek, and it's where we live."

That embracing of self and love of community is one of the things that made Schitt's Creek work so well. By celebrating small towns and the people that live in them, the show reminded viewers that you can't judge a book by its cover, and you shouldn't judge people by where they live. It's a sentiment that shines through the show.

For more great behind-the-scenes info, check out Best Wishes, Warm Regards, which is in bookstores now!

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