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Could a Moira Rose Prequel Series Become a Real Thing?

Could a Moira Rose Prequel Series Become a Real Thing?

Sunrise Bay

Dan Levy says he'd love to return to the character! 

Dan Levy has revealed which Schitt's Creek character he'd love to return to.

In an interview with Attitude, the Emmy-winning actor, writer, and creator was talking about his life post-Schitt's Creek when he was asked if he'd ever return to any of the show's beloved characters.

When the interviewer brought up the idea of a Moira-focused show based on her old soap actress days, Levy revealed he's been thinking the same thing.

"To be honest with you, it's not like that idea has not crossed my mind," Levy said. "The idea of exploring Sunrise Bay in a more substantial way is something that's always been a fun world."

Levy continued, saying that the interview was right on the money. "I'd love to write a soap opera," he said. "But a self-aware one. Because writing those old Sunrise Bay scenes for Catherine was so fun!"

While the most logical move would be to hire a younger actress to play a younger version of Moira Rose, the funnier move (and the one more in line with the Schitt's spirit) would be to have Emmy winner Catherine O'Hara play the thirty-years-younger version of the iconic character. (I think she could always use another Emmy!)

On Schitt's Creek, the Rose family matriarch rose to fame playing the character Vivien Blake on the hit soap opera Sunrise Bay. Blake was the head of surgery at Sunrise General, a hospital in Sunrise Bay, a coastal community plagued by a centuries-old curse. The show also starred Clifton Sparks (played by Victor Garber).

According to Schitt's Creek, the show had about 21 seasons, and Moira's character Vivien holds the record for longest-running demonic possession on daytime television. Now that's something we'd love to see O'Hara take on!

While nothing is guaranteed, Levy and O'Hara both have a strong love for the character and fans have been dying for more content ever since the show ended.

Even if a Moira prequel doesn't work out, hopefully Levy and O'Hara can work together again soon!

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