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This Stranger Things Scene Helped A Fan Come Out to Their Mom

This Stranger Things Scene Helped A Fan Come Out to Their Mom

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Maya Hawke knows how much her Stranger Things character means to LGBTQ+ fans.

Maya Hawke's cynical and sarcastic mall worker Robin was one of the absolute best parts of the third season of Stranger Things. Not only did she add some much-needed femininity to the show, but she also ended up being a perfect foil for Joe Keery's Steve Harrington.

In fact, one scene between the two characters is such a fan favorite, it even changed some viewers' lives.

In the scene, Robin and Steve are waiting out the effects of a Russian truth serum in a mall bathroom, sharing secrets back and forth. After Steve confesses that he has a crush on her, Robin offers a truth of her own.

"Do you remember what I said about Click's class? About me being jealous and, like, obsessed. It isn't because I had a crush on you. It's because she wouldn't stop staring at you," Robin tells him. When he asks if she meant Mrs. Click, she clarifies that she meant another student.

"Tammy Thompson. I wanted her to look at me, but she couldn't pull her eyes away from you and your stupid hair. And I didn't understand because you'd get bagel crumbs all over the floor, and you asked dumb questions and you were a douchebag, and you didn't even like her, and I would go home and just scream into my pillow," she confesses.

Now, in an interview with The Guardian, Hawke has revealed that a fan told her they used the scene to come out to their family.

"Recently someone told me they watched that season with their daughter," she said. "During that episode, they both started crying, then the daughter came out to the mother. I credit the Duffer brothers for writing such a great character."

Robin will be returning for the upcoming fourth season of Stranger Things, where hopefully, we'll see her sexuality explored even further. Maybe she'll even get a girlfriend!

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