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'Drag Race's Madonna Rusical Was 'Raunchier' Than What Aired

Jamal Sims from Drag RAce

And yes, it was in Jaida Essence Hall's section.

When RuPaul's Drag Race aired its Madonna Rusical in season 12, we called it one of the best Rusicals in herstory. We, unequivocally, stand by that assessment. But now creative director and choreographer Jamal Sims, is revealing that some of the most salacious parts were left on the cutting room floor due to careful editing.

For those who don't remember, Madonna: The Unofficial Ru-sical saw contestants embody different eras of one of entertainment's longest-reigning popstars. It was quite the competition with Gigi Goode and Jaida Essence Hall coming as clear stand outs -- Goode justifiably won that week's maxi challenge and Hall went on to win the season. But according to Sims it was all done on just hours of rehearsal.

"I have an hour [two teach the queens] on camera, and then I have 45 minutes to an hour after, off-camera," he told Entertainment Weeklyof preparation. Sims is somewhat of a secret weapon for Drag Race -- and a sometimes judge -- having choreographed quite a number of the show's performances as well as RuPaul's Drag Race: Live in Vegas. "Normally, something like this would require a week's rehearsal. It's intense."

But given that Sims has been a lifelong fan of Madonna, and is a professional at what he does, he made pretty quick work of getting the job done. After coming up with choreography, he customized it to the queen's individual dance ability. And this is what we saw on the runway -- mostly.

"'Justify My Love,' it was a little edited because I kind of went there with that one," Sims said. "They didn't show everything ..."

"So it was raunchier?" EW Drag Race reporter Joey Nolfi asked.

"Yes!" Sims replied.

Go take a look at the rehearsal footage on EW.

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