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'Drag Race's Madonna Rusical Was One of the Best in Herstory

Triptych from Madonna Rusical
*RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 has disqualified competitor Sherry Pie for misconduct of a sexual nature but she is still featured in episodic footage.
In last night's episode of Untucked, the U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez proclaimed that season 12's Ru-sical, centered on Madonna, was the best in the history of RuPaul's Drag Race. She's a Drag Race superfan, having used the show as her bit of relaxation back in her bartending days, but continued her fandom well into her tenure as a politician. And she was not wrong!
Madonna: The Unofficial Ru-sical was quite the performance by the remaining queens on the show. Was it perfect? No, not quite. Brita and Jackie Cox were low points of the night, but both were still fairly decent!
The mainstage showing came amid a pretty standout episode overall. There was the bit of drama with Heidi N Closet, Gigi Goode, Widow Von'Du, Sherry Pie, and Jackie Cox for those who are into that. We had a little uncertainty about how the mainstage might go because of the rehearsals featuring Cox's ... interesting hip rolls and Goode's lack of confidence about her performance. There was also Crystal Methyd and Heidi's extremely personal moments of talking about their family — Heidi told the story of her uncle who died of complications related to AIDS, while Methyd revealed that her father, with whom she has a close relationship with, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Add to that Ru bringing out the good drag, and the contestants recreating iconic Michelle Visage moments on the runway while Cortez judged ... it was a night for the books. 
In the Ru-sical, the tops were clear to all: Jan, Goode, and Jaida Essence Hall. Yeah, I said it! Jaida should have been in the top — that was a woman up there on that stage. A female impersonator indeed.
It'll be interesting to see how things go from this point. With Brita gone, we won't have to be reminded how much she thinks she's the queen to beat, but hopefully losing out on the Rusical doesn't cause Jan to take the spot of "bitter queen from The City." We could hear the Kill Bill sequence playing as Goode was announced as the winner.
But also, Goode seems like the girl to beat! Her win last night was historic in that she is the fastest queen in herstory to win three maxi-challenge as noted by journalist Kevin O'Keeffe. It also should be noted that she is the youngest to ever compete on America's version of Drag Race
Go Gigi, go!

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