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Yes, We All Think 'Legendary's Gorgeous Jarrell Gucci Is Hot

Jarrell Gucci

There is a hell of a lot of talent on Legendary. Truly! If you saw the final battle of the latest episode alone that was clear — more on that at a later date. And while we are not trying to brush any of that very real talent, and these, the reality is that so many of these contestants — ahem Jazzul Escada, Jamari Balmain, and Carlos Exclusive Lanvin are all my personal taste — are just like undeniably hot. The most undeniable of them all? Father Gorgeous Jarrel Gucci.

Again, we will say here that Jarrell is extremely talented. He is one of the overall fathers of the Gorgeous House of Gucci, which is an international house meaning that he has kids all over the world. Over his ballroom career he has seen some major success in a variety of categories including realness, realness with a twist, and even sex siren. And on Legendary, he's definitely taking home grand prize for the latter.

The House of Gucci has been sort of going through it on the show, notably having one member actually leave. There's been some interpersonal issues (some of which led to the afforementioned departure) but there's been one constant for the house: Jarrell's face and body!!

On the latest episode of the show, even the judges couldn't keep themselves for thirsting over Jarrell.

"Is that Jarrell?" Meg Thee Stallion asked as the House of Gucci made its entrance for the competition this week. "Oh, he got a beard bitch! Whew!"

"We love hair!" Leiomy Maldonado added. Jarrell was wearing a fake beard for his costume — and Maldonado was right, we do love hair! She went further later.

"Jarrell, you look like a snack-ington with that beard," she said. And well ... tea.

As the episode just came out we don't want to spoil what happens, but as we all know it pays to look good in ballroom! To bide our time until we can talk more about the episode, here's a couple of posts from his Instagram to pore over.

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