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'Paris Is Burning' Icon Carmen Xtravaganza Passes Away At 62

According to friends and family, the Ballroom Hall of Fame member, model, and singer has passed.

The Renaissance of Ballroom Legend Kevin Aviance

The singer talks how Beyoncé's album helped skyrocket him into mainstream music and beyond.

Michell'e Basquiat Is Already Recreating Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour

It's only been five days — but that's all she needs!

Mary J. Blige Is Judging a Historic Voguing Ball — And You're Invited

The music legend is teaming up with Miss Lawrence, and they are awarding $60,000 at a major ball!

Leiomy Shares Thoughts on 'Drag Race' Queens Using Ballroom Culture

A few queens referenced ballroom culture on the premiere on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15.

HBO Max's 'Legendary' Got Canceled—And Fans Are Rightfully Upset

After three seasons, the ballroom-themed competition series is getting the axe.

Beyoncé's New 'Break My Soul Queens Remix' Shouts Out Ballroom Legends

This is one of the gayest things to ever happen in pop music history!

Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Honors Ballroom's Queer & Trans Pioneers

These Black queer artists paved the way, and Queen Bey knows it!

'Legendary's Brooklyn Juicy Couture Is the Voguing Star You Must Know

She is, as Leiomy puts it, "the answer."

Here's How Each House Ranked on 'Legendary' Season 3

Find out who won Legendary and how the other houses placed.

Miss Shalae on Becoming a Top Tribute Artist and Embracing JUVEDERM

Miss Shalae aka Michell'e shares her inspiring story.

No Longer Olivia: Reintroducing Liv Lux Miyake-Mugler

"If RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 was my undergrad, then I like to think of the ballroom scene as my graduate-level evolution — this is me in grad school."

Marc Jacobs Now Has a Ballroom House Named After Him in Historic First

The house has made history as the first launched with the express blessing of the high-fashion label it was named for.

These Are the True Stories Behind 'Pose's 'Unruly' House of Khan

"The House of Khan was known for not taking no bullshit," 

Ballroom Legend Jahaira DeAlto Balenciaga Reportedly Killed at 42

The activist is being remembered by the community for how loving she was as well as her fight for equality and for victims of abuse.