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Ryan Murphy Talks Netflix's Hollywood Season 2 Possibilities

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Executive producer Janet Mock has also been tweeting about it.

When Netflix's Hollywood hit, it was billed as a limited series. The latest production of the streamer's big-budget deal with Ryan Murphy, the show, which presents a purposefully revise history for Tinseltown was supposed to just be a one and done. But after the show's release, fans have been hoping for more.

Hollywood is a bit of a cotton candy drama; it leaves viewers with the warm and fuzzies after viewing a world that we like to think could have been. The people we are rooting for all get what we feel they deserve, and without too much focus on the negative. It's real resonance, outside of this thought exercise, is in shining a light on sometimes-forgotten (or unknown) queer figures. And fans have sopped it all up.

"Well Hollywood was planned as a limited series, but it's become so popular that everyone is asking for another season," Murphy wrote in an Instagram caption responding to a fan who asked about more episodes "So who knows? I sure do love this cast though."

Murphy loving the cast doesn't really mean too much: he's sort of known introducing performers into his cinematic world and then reusing them. He's worked with the majority of these actors before, and already has them onboard for ongoing projects. -- Dylan McDermott, who plays Ernie in Hollywood, has already been cast in what seems to be a steamy new show featuring Leslie Jordan.

Ok, but what if there was a season two for the sake of argument. Will we get to see Archie Coleman and Rock Hudson married and with kids?

"I would never follow the characters again," Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter. "But, 20 years from there? I don't know. It's not something I'm thinking about; Netflix and I have not even discussed it and nor would we unless it had some huge success. I've done these anthology shows like American Horror Story and American Crime Story, and this was not designed like that. This was designed to be seven episodes. That's kind of what it is."

But, of course, Murphy isn't the only cook in the kitchen. Frequent collaborator Janet Mock was also an executive producer on the show and has ideas for a second go. When a fan suggested making it an anthology series Mock was onboard.

"We have a very similar vision," she tweeted. "IF we were to tell another Hollywood story."

American Hollywood Story here we come!

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