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ryan murphy

OUT has the latest on the super-talented, openly gay screenwriter and producer Ryan Murphy. Murphy began his career as a journalist for the LA Times, The Miami Herald, and Entertainment Weekly, but soon after that, he transitioned into television by creating his first hit shows like Popular and Nip/Tuck. One of his most successful projects to date has been Glee, a high school musical drama focusing on acceptance and gay tolerance. The proud husband and father of two is also the creator of hit shows American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

The anthology is coming back for another spooky season!

July 13 2022 5:27 PM

She previously won for American Crime Story — can she do it again?

July 12 2022 12:32 PM

Two queer titans in Hollywood.

May 25 2022 9:18 AM

We've been waiting for this!!!

May 16 2022 10:08 PM

Some of Ryan Murphy's most iconic titles in his filmography are coming to the streamer very, very soon.

March 03 2022 10:52 AM

“I think the great thing about Horror Story is, like, you’re there when you can be there, you’re not there when you can’t be there."

March 02 2022 3:19 PM