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Jan Is Crying In 'Drag Race's Latest Preview Clip

Jan Is Crying In 'Drag Race's Latest Preview Clip

Jan and Heidi N Closet in Drag Race clip

And we have the low-down on the tears, and the shady mini-challenge to come.

Jan has been having a frustrating go of it on RuPaul's Drag Race. After coming in safe week-after-week, just when she thinks she's a shoe-in for the top prize, Gigi Goode comes in and snatches it from her. To make matters worse, on the same week her closest friend in the competition, Brita, is sent packing. What exactly is a girl to do? Well, cry.
Every queen has her breaking point and Jan has met hers. She starts off the next episode in tears, now revealed by an 11-minute preview. Tears for Brita and tears for her loss. What a night.
"I'm so sad," she says. "I know how bad Brita wanted this and she's one of my best friends. It sucks to see her go," Jan sobs.
"Everyone back at home is going to be so upset that she went home but at least if was any consolation it could have been that I would've won the challenge," she continues later, crying again. "It just sucks." Well, the emotions are there.
With a new week started, RuPaul is back to introduce the next mini-challenge for the competitors. In what seems to be a sponsored spin on the age-old reading challenge, Ru tells the girls that they will pair up to shade each other using products provided by Fab Fit Fun while in quick drag. It should be noted here that even in quick drag Jaida Essence Hall is unclockable!
The pair sit around for a little shade, and quite a few of them get some nice hits in there. Jackie Cox was hands down our favorite, and Ru agreed, awarding Cox and her partner, Goode, the win. Gigi is just racking them up, isn't she?!
For the maxi-challenge, the queens have to make up their own product for the new Drag Race lifestyle brand Droop. Chaka Khan is set to judge.
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