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This Site Just Awarded the Best in Male Nudity for 2019

A triptych of shirtless guys from TV and film.

There are awards for a lot of things, and truthfully, the people deserve! Of course Hollywood has its award show circuit, even gay porn has a mini circuit of sorts, localized around one week in January. But you know something we hadn’t ever thought about? An awards show for male nudity on television and film. Thankfully, someone was six years ahead of us.

On Thursday, Mr. Man, the “world’s leading online library” of every male nude scene in the history of film and television, announced the winners of the 6th Annual Manatomy Awards. That award show “shines a spotlight on the past year’s naked male achievements in film and TV.” 

“For years, nude scenes were primarily the domain of female actresses,” Phil Henricks of Mr. Man said in a release.  “That has been changing as each year there are more scenes and actors to choose from. We are celebrating the fine actors who have the balls (pun intended) to go naked.” 

The awards have a whopping 43 categories. Of those, some are new created just for this year’s scenes. For example, Best Locker Room Scene was created because of Euphoria’s iconic full frontal locker room scene with 21 guys in it. And The Best Bloomin Onion was created to give some love to Orlando Bloom’s butt in Carnival Row.

There’s more than a few other notables. Some of our favorites include Sauvage, which won Best Picture, Ricky Whittle in American Gods who won Best Butt, and Taron Egerton and Richard Madden in Rocketman which won Best Gay Makeout. Tales of the City, the Netflix series won Best TV show, while that scene in season one of Sex Education won Best Prosthetic. They certainly did the work!

The literal best part of it all though: Ryan O'Connell's sex scene with Brian Jordan Alvarez in the Netflix series Special won Best Gay Scene. I'm sorry, but I can't say this loud enough: WE LOVE TO SEE IT!

Below is a sampling of some of the awards. See all of the scenes and all of the awards on Mr Man

Best Picture - Sauvage

Best TV Show - Tales of the City

Best Full Frontal - Jack Reynor in Midsommar

Best Butt - Ricky Whittle in American Gods

Best Gay Scene - Brian Jordan Alvrez and Ryan O’Connell in Special

Biggest Cock - Aaron Taylor Johnson in A Million Little Pieces

Best I Just Blue Myself - Yahya Abdul-Marten II in Watchmen

Best Gay Makeout - Taron Egerton and Richard Madden in Rocketman

Best Uncut Cock - Christophe de Coster in Vida

Best Prosthetic Penis - Connor Swindels in Sex Education

Best Tanline - Chace Crawford in The Boys

Best Superhero Nudity - Joshua Orpin in Titans

Best Furry Friend Frontal - Collin Baja in Tales of the City

Lifetime Skinchievement - Daniel Craig

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