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Yeah, That’s Right: ‘L Word: Generation Q’ Got Renewed

L Word: Generation Q cast on the red carpet.

It is renewal season apparently. Only just over half way into the airing of the first season The L Word: Generation Q has announced that it’s been picked for a second season on showtime. We love to see it.

This new iteration of the classic series brought a new generation into the world of The L Word, already populated by the original cast. Jennifer Beals, Leisha Haley, and Katherine Moennig, who all appeared in the original show, returned in their roles for this reboot. But as the shows are set ten years a part, they are in different parts of their life.

In the new series, Beals plays Bette Porter, a lesbian running for Mayor of Los Angeles while Moenning plays Shane McCutcheon, a hairdresser. Hailey has parlayed her journalistic chops into her own namesake talk show.

In the latest episode, Porter and Tina Kennard, who are divorced have a long awaited reunion.

But showtime had more announcements: Work In Progress was also renewed. That series, created by Abby McEnany, a self-described “fat queer dyke,” is a half-hour comedy based losely on McEnany’s life. 

“Queer folks, mentally ill folks, fat folks, older women, non-conventional people [aren’t what] you would see as a lead on a TV show,” she told Out about the importance of the show. “Growing up and even not that long ago, often the queer character was portrayed as somebody who was unlovable or the freak or the weird one, just the other. There are so many stories that are either silenced or that we don't see or are side stories.”

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