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Watch the Trailer for Queer as Folk  Creator’s New Series

Watch the Trailer for ‘Queer as Folk’ Creator’s New Comedy

Looking star Russell Tovey — yes, the one with the ears — is coming back to television in the new British series Years and Years, from Queer as Folk creator Russell T Davies. The show seems to be a typical British comedy mixed with a comedic version of Black Mirror, centering on the Lyons family as they weather fifteen years “in a Britain rocked by unstable political, economic and technological change.”

Tovey, who plays Daniel Lyons, can be seen in the trailer kissing his husband at a wedding, while later Bethany (Lydia West) says that she’s “not transsexual – I’m transhuman. I will be data.” So...that’s a thing now, apparently? The trailer doesn’t give any other clues.

A press release for the show claims that the show will capture “everything we fear, and everything we hope for, happening around this tight-knit family. Society gets hotter, faster, madder, with the turmoil of politics, technology and distant wars affecting the Lyons in their day-to-day lives.”

“Britain withdraws from Europe, America becomes a lone wolf, China asserts itself, and a new world begins to form,” the press release says. In the midst of all this is MP Vivienne Rook, played by Emma Thompson, who “begins her rise to power – that new breed of politician, an entertainer, a rebel, a trickster and a terror, leading us into an unknown future.”

Davies, who created the original British version of Queer as Folk, was also a showrunner on Doctor Who. His last project, A Very English Scandal, starred Hugh Grant and queer Mary Poppins cutie Ben Whishaw in a comedic take on the Jeremy Thorpe affair.

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