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Ryan Reynolds Would Wear Billy Porter’s Oscars Gown

Ryan Reynolds Would Wear Billy Porter’s Oscars Gown

Ryan Reynolds is married to style icon Blake Lively, meaning he knows a thing or two about fashion — no one has ever said, “It’s called fashion sweetie, look it up” to Deadpool, because he been knew! So it’s no surprise that Reynolds can recognize a fashion icon when he sees one.

In an interview with The Telegraph about his gig as the face of Armani’s new cologne, the actor was asked what he thought of Billy Porter’s show-stopping Oscar’s tuxedo gown, designed by Project Runway guru Christian Siriano.

“I loved that guy. He was easily the coolest looking human of that whole night,” Reynolds answered. Straight guys love calling queer people they perceive to be playing with gender “humans,” it’s all very Burning Man.

Reynolds, who spends most of his time these days in a skin-tight, red spandex suit, said he’d consider donning a look like Porter’s. “You know what? The day is young and, man, he made that look good – so who knows?” The clearance that that has!

Porter’s tuxedo gown landed him almost unanimously on everyone’s Oscars best dressed lists, and the Pose star revealed that it was important for him to play with notions of what a man should wear on the red carpet. “I thought, this is the space to create the conversation of what is masculine? What is feminine? What is everything in between?” Porter told Entertainment Weekly. “Why is it a woman can wear pants and nobody bats an eye and a man wears a dress and people are disgusted? Why is that? What is that saying in our culture: Man is better and female is disgusting? I just wanted to shatter that.”

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