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Are Santino Rice and Acid Betty Actually the Same Person?

Santino Rice and Acid Betty

Santi-oh-no she betta do!

There’s nothing like a good, wholesome internet conspiracy theory. Avril Lavigne died and replaced by a clone named Melissa. Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey. Lorde is actually in her late 40s.

But a new conspiracy theory has entered the ring and we think that there should be some investigation! After a side-by-side photo comparison by one Reddit user, the RuPaul’s Drag Race subreddit is now weighing whether or not season 8 contestant Acid Betty and OG Drag Race judge Santino Rice may be the same person.  



Sure, the theory sounds patently absurd on the surface, but here’s how it could have gone down. After season 5 contestant Alyssa Edwards called out Santino Rice and his “no drag knowledge mouth,” Rice went on a crusade to prove to the world that he did, in fact, have drag knowledge. So, the former Project Runway contestant vowed that he would have his revenge.



An opportunity presented itself when, in 2015, Drag Race announced that season six would be Rice’s final season as a judge and that two gay men — Carson Kressley and Ross Matthews — would replace him. Rice finally had the time away from the show to be able to beef up his drag knowledge and apply.

But he had to come back to get a lay of the Drag Race land once again, which is why he guest judged Drag Race’s seventh season, where he witnessed oddball Katya’s Hello Kitty look in person.



Entranced by her looks, he decided that being a kooky queen would be his schtick and thus, Acid Betty was born. Unfortunately, the former fashion designer’s hopes were dashed when he lost a lip sync to — ironically — fashion queen Naomi Smalls. In a last ditch attempt to win a lip sync, Rice/Betty decided to try to give birth on stage. But, Rice sashayed away instead.



And that’s it, kids. That’s the theory. Now, Santino Rice for All Stars 5?

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