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Trinity the Tuck: There's No Reason to Send Any Queen Hate

Trinity the Tuck All Stars 4

The 'All Stars' 4 winner also did not like sending people home.

In what really was the gag of the season, the winner of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars season four is ... Trinity The Tuck ... and Monet X Change. For the first time in Drag Race herstory, it wasn't a double elimination or a double save, but rather the debut of the double overall win.

For Trinity, it was a win made obvious via her report card alone: four challenge wins, the most of any queen on the season. Trinity managed to excel at just about every challenge thrown her way (minus only the "Roast of Lady Bunny"). But more than that, she managed to be bitchy without veering into unlikeable, a delicate balance -- especially on a show like this where even a misplaced glance can be dubbed shade.

Here, we talk to her about the elimination, rampant racism within the fandom and advice for her new season 11 sisters.

(Note: This interview was conducted before Friday's episode aired, before Out or Trinity knew the results.)

How did the All Stars experience differ from what you were expecting?

The thing about going back into the show is that you kind-of know what to expect a little bit. What was different for me was that I did not expect was how difficult it really would be to eliminate people. Just because these are people that have done the same thing as you, you have worked with them, you've gotten to know them, they are friends. It very difficult to tell someone "you're not going to win" and destroy their dream.

You remarked several times about how you were not a comedy queen, and yet, particularly in your talking heads, you were quite the comedienne. In watching the show, has your own perspective on your ability to be funny changed at all?

The thing is I don't think of myself as a comedy queen. I actually try not to label myself as any one type of entertainer. I'm very proud that I'm very well-rounded. I do think that I can be funny, but scripted comedy, particularly stand-up is not my thing, obviously, which we saw on the Lady Bunny roast. But girl, put me on a mic in front of an audience or banter back and forth with some of the queens and I will give you comedy. Th

Of all of your runway looks this season, which are you most proud of?

Oh yes. Runways really were important to me this time around because for season nine I had to pretty much make all my runway looks myself and I didn't have the budget. This time I really researched. I really spent the money to make sure I looked like an All Star. I had several favorites but I think my all time favorite was the curves & swerves.

The correct answer! That wig!

Yes! So the wig ... the story about my wig is that I saw it on America's Next Top Model in the first challenge from last season and they're doing a photo in this garden and this girl has on this big pink wig and I was like 'Oh my God I have to have that wig!' So I looked up the hair stylist and the same hair stylist that did that one created it for me. It just sets the costume off. It's perfect for it.

I have a question from a fan. @ZamirRamirez8 wants to know: What's one outfit another queen wore this season, that you wish you would have worn?

Oh girl there's so many. These girls came to slay. Manila's silver gown was amazing. I would have loved to have worn that. I also, I don't know if you've seen pictures of Manila's cat couture runway ... uhhh ... it was so amazing. I loved mine but that was so fun, a great take on it and I would have loved to have worn that. Also I love absurd fashion and Monique's curves and swerves, the brown cow, was amazing.

What was your favorite challenge this season?

My favorite was obviously Snatch Game. One of my biggest fears and I actually got to the character I've been wanting to do since season nine. I actually was supposed to be Caitlyn way back then but I didn't get to do her until her All Stars and it worked out. Everything happens for a reason.

Of all the drama you were involved in or bore witness to, what was your favorite moment?

Oh there was so much drama! My favorite drama that I wasn't necessarily involved in but got to witness was the elimination of Manila. I mean I was gagged.

The fandom has been a large talking point amongst this season's queens in terms of their behavior. How do you think we, as a community, can get a handle on this toxicity?

You know it is very unfortunate that the fan base -- and not all of the fan base because there are so many amazing fans that send so much love, but as is the case with any situation, the negativity can quickly overtake the positive. Especially around race. And unfortunately that is what is happening. The hate that I'm seeing on some of my castmates is disgusting. We have too many barriers that we're trying to fight against already outside of my community, we really need to support each other and lift each other up. Even if you're not somebody's fan, you can send the girl that you're supporting love. You don't have to send somebody else hate. There's no reason for that at all.

What can we expect from your new album,Plastic?

Music is a huge part of being a drag queen so it makes sense to come out with your own content. I actually just dropped my single and video called "I Call Shade" featuring Peppermint. The video is so hilarious. It's got Phi Phi, Blair, Yuhua, Thorgy and Shontelle Sparkles. I have other features on the album that include Aja and Alaska.

Advice for season your new season 11 sisters?

My advice is: don't try to set up your taglines and just be yourself. The most organic storylines are what people gravitate towards. Be yourself and people will love you.

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