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Netflix's 'Sex Education' Is Back — and So Are Eric and Adam

Netflix's 'Sex Education' Is Back — and So Are Eric and Adam

Adam and Eric from 'Sex Education'

Season two will return to Netflix in 2020.

Netflix's Sex Education is one of the most true-to-life depictions of high school romance and sex on TV. It seems like every scene pulls you back into those cursed hallways of our youth. It's torture -- but the good kind -- and we'll be able to enjoy more emotional rollercoasters, awkward moments, and out-of-control hormones in season 2, coming in 2020.

The show follows Otis Milburn (Hugo's Asa Butterfield) as he sets up a sex clinic at his high school, with the help of his love interest and Margot Robbie lookalike contest winner, Maeve (Emma Mackey), and advice from his sex therapist mother (Gillian Anderson). Of course, our favorite characters are Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), Otis' fabulous, gender nonconforming best friend, and the closeted son of the strict school headmaster, Adam (Connor Swindells). Last season we watched as Adam progressed from bullying Erc for being gay to giving him a blowjob on the band room floor. Character arcs!

A storyline where a gay teen hooks up with their closeted bully are definitely problematic, but it's hard not to rooting for the two in spite of the trope's baggage. That's the power of good writing and acting. Still, gay characters like Eric do deserve better than to have their only romantic option be people who have traumatized them.

In a release from Netflix, we find out a little bit of what's in store for Eric, Adam, and the rest of Moordale Secondary inSex Education's upcoming second season -- which debuts sometime next year. Season 2 finds Otis dealing with a strained relationship with Maeve, who has developed feelings for him. In the closing moments of the Season 1 finale, Maeve raced to confess her love to Otis but discovered him kissing Ola (Patricia Allison), who is now his girlfriend. Meanwhile, the school is hit by a Chlamydia outbreak.

But enough of this heterosexual drama, I know y'all are just waiting for updates on Eric and Adam. Calm yourselves!

According to a Netflix press release, the new season will see Eric noticing that "his new-found self-confidence [is] attracting unfamiliar kinds of attention." Oooh! Does that mean he'll get some new people to flirt and hook up with? Meanwhile, Adam will be at the military school his dad sent him to at the end of Season 1, and he's definitely still coming to terms with his feelings for Eric.

The second season of Sex Education will stream on Netflix in 2020 and will last for eight episodes.

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