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'Are You the One's Justin and Max Have Finally Reconnected

'Are You the One's Justin and Max Have Finally Reconnected

Justin and Max from Are You The One

'I still hadn’t seen him since Hawaii, so I wasn’t sure if I still liked him.'

What's the tea??? Apparently Are You The One's resident muscleheads Justin and Max are hanging out again! In an over 30-minute Instagram live story yesterday, the two revealed that they were actually both in Max's Los Angeles apartment together! Jax is back!

While this news is a surprise to us, it also surprised Max himself, who had no idea Justin was coming. Max had ordered a chicken sandwich via PostMates, but when the doorbell rang, he was surprised to find fellow buff bi bro (and ex) Justin waiting for him!

During their season of AYTO, Max and Justin went from massaging each other's lats to making out aggressively in a closet, all in the span of one episode. For most of the rest of the show they were inseparable, going under the 'ship name "Jax," until they were discovered to not be a "perfect match." Heartbroken, Max pushed Justin away, seemingly ending any chance they had at getting together again.

The visit this weekend was a complete surprise to not only Max, but Paige and Remy who were also there at the California apartment. The only person Justin had told was his mom, who lives in California -- we stan a good son. This is the first time the pair has seen each other since Hawaii, and honestly, it looks like the space has been good for them.

"So are you two together?" one fan asked in comments on the Instagram Live

"We're just going to leave it as, we're going to figure it out right now, how's that?" Max replied.

God, I love love! "Ever since the end of the reunion, we've been keeping our relationship lowkey" Justin said.

"I still hadn't seen him since Hawaii," Max added, half joking. "So I wasn't sure if I still liked him."

The two have been keeping things between themselves recently, which has been very helpful they say. "Less people involved is good," according to Max.

It turns out, Justin is skipping school on the advice of his drug dealer ("it's like Euphoria!" they both yelled) for the visit.

Max, who admits he prefers being the little spoon in the clip, says he already has plans to visit Justin in New York. They're going to take things slow, though, and see how it goes.

"That was probably the best PostMates I've ever gotten,"Max said smiling.

"He didn't even eat his sandwich!" Justin responded. The sandwich in question ended up with a roommate

As Max said a couple dozen times in the over 30-minute long video, "and that's the tea."

Looks like Raige has some competition for Best Couple from the show.

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