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Gus Kenworthy and Robbie Rogers Get Real O’Neals’ Noah Galvin Pumped Before Wrestling Match

The Real O'Neals Out Athletes

Out gay athletes Gus Kenworthy and Robbie Rogers appeared on last week’s The Real O’Neals with an important lesson about LGBTs in sports—and, of course, to get in some friendly teasing.

On Tuesday’s episode, Kenny (Noah Galvin) subs in on his brother’s wrestling team and is considering taking a fall against his opponent. That’s when Kenworthy and Rogers appear in the locker room to tell Kenny he shouldn’t be a “cliché” and make an effort.

Of course, the two star athletes can’t help reading each other just a little. When Rogers talks about winning the MLS Cup, Kenworthy replies, “Nobody knows what that is.” And when he talks about his own silver medals, “you know, from Olympics,” Rogers helpfully asks, “Oh, were they out of gold that day?”

Ribbing aside, the two inspire Kenny to go out and eventually win the match—although in an unorthodox fashion.

Watch the full clip below.

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