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Andy Mientus


Photography by Danielle Levitt | Styling by Grant Woolhead | Left: Henley by John Varvatos; Right: Suit and shirt by Burberry London

You Know Him From: His roles as gay villain Pied Piper on the CW’s The Flash; as Kyle Bishop on NBC’s Smash; as Marius in Les Misérables on Broadway

What’s Next: Playing Britt Craig in a concert performance of Parade (alongside Laura Benanti), and — hold your breath, fans — possibly returning for future Flash episodes 

Breaking Bad: “Villains tend to be the most interesting, and it’s even better on a superhero show because everything is bigger and more colorful. You get permission as an actor to go over the top, and you don’t have to worry about being realistic. You can do something out there, more illustrative. And I think it’s better that the gay character on the show is a villain. He can give the title hero a run for his money. It’s empowering.” 

On the Queering of TV: “When people see movies it’s a deliberate act. They choose the movie and they go and buy a ticket. Fewer people are going to be surprised that an LGBT person is in a film because they know what they’re getting themselves into. But for TV, people are channel surfing, and then they tune in, and all of a sudden they see a gay character, and they identify with that character. There is more opportunity for people to stumble upon these characters. If they don’t know any LGBT people in their lives, then they get a chance to get to know one.”

Watch a clip of Pied Piper vs. the Flash below:

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