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A Dodgers Player Doing the ‘Bend and Snap’ Is Gay Rights

baseball bend and snap

Are you even watching baseball? Reese Witherspoon is.

Baseball is an American past time. As American as apple pie. Even more so. But I'm going to be honest: I don't particularly enjoy it. Unlike presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who seemingly enjoys the sport, I find it a bit needlessly drawn-out with the exciting parts few and far between. A controversial opinion, I am sure. But these are my feelings! Want to know an aspect of baseball that recently got me into my feelings? Decidedly different feelings? Kike Hernandez doing the bend and snap.

I'm a little late to it, yes, but that's because like I said I don't really watch baseball but find it I did! Seemingly at a practice, the Dodgers player posted a video of himself mimicking Elle Woods inLegally Blonde. Walking across the screen he "drops" his bat, bends over, perfectly arches, and picks it back up. This, ladies and gents, is the bend and snap.

Ok maybe it's not a "snap" per se but in this house we take what we are given and are happy about it.

For a caption of the video that he posted to Instagram, Hernandez himself made it clear that he knew the main attraction. "Captain America in Endgame: 'That is America's ass," he wrote, referring to a scene from the recently released Avengers film. "Me: Hold My Beer!" America's ass indeed, sir. Even Reese Witherspoon, who played Elle Woods on Legally Blonde, approved saying "he hit it out of the park."

You know, I had been reconsidering my thoughts on baseball after that double crotch grab -- you know what I'm talking about -- but Hernandez's invitation is making it look pretty appealing. And you know, reports show that the bend and snap guarantees an 83 percent return on invitations, so it would make sense.

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