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Gay Olympian Amini Fonua Reacts to Story on Rio's Grindr Users In a Twitter Smackdown

Amini Fonua

Olympic swimmer Amini Fonua went on a Twitter rampage yesterday in reaction to a story The Daily Beast published on Olympic athletes using Grindr at the Rio games. 

The story, “The Other Olympic Sport in Rio: Swiping,” written by Nico Hines, garnered such a negative reaction that the piece was taken down, and The Daily Beast published an apology

Beforehand, however, Fonua wanted to make sure his voice could be heard on behalf of all gay athletes. The out gay swimmer representing Tonga tweeted a set of angry and frustrated messages to Nico Hines and The Daily Beast, expressing the difficulty of being an out athlete, and the dangerous privilege that comes with being able to out another person.

The Tongan swimmer also posted a racy Instagram following his tweet storm, giving The Daily Beast and Nico Hines the “hot ass” he thought they were looking for. Now that's how to end a Twitter smackdown. 

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