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Boxer Josue Vargas Says He's Not Gay After Explicit Same-Sex Clip Circulates Online

Boxer Josue Vargas Says He's Not Gay After Explicit Same-Sex Clip Circulates Online

Boxer Josue Vargas Says He's Not Gay After Explicit Same-Sex Clip Circulates Online

"It's part of our new 'NORM,'" the athlete and OnlyFans creator said in a statement.

Another day, another OnlyFans drama.

Last week, popular New York City-based creator EJ found his content at the center of discourse. One of his collaborators had released a statement about a recent scene.

"First of all, I want to start by apologizing to all my fans, friends, family, and supporters for the unexpected mess about my 'sexuality,'" Josue Vargas posted to Instagram last week. Vargas is a professional boxer from the Bronx but also boasts his own OnlyFans. "I want to make It clear that I have nothing against someone's personal sexual preference. HOWEVER, I am not 'bi' nor 'gay.' I AM STRAIGHT. I understand people will have their own opinions and thoughts about the situation and they are entitled to that but I guess it is what it is. It's part of our new 'NORM.'"

EJ had developed a reputation on OnlyFans of filming scenes with men that he often called straight or DL. His content mainly focused on oral sex. In one scene that caught traction online, he performs oral sex on Vargas. In the clip that circulated, Vargas looks directly at the camera, aware that it's being filmed. In addition, the video was posted on both of their OnlyFans pages.

"With that being said, I will admit, I have been going through a very difficult situation in my life," Vargas continued in his statement, which has since been deleted. "I have been battling depression and deal with some serious mental health issues. I never understood what it was until I experienced it. Many crazy things have gone through my head recently but I've learned I have to own up to my mistake and face the consequences."

EJ has said very little about the drama but often deletes his own tweets. He also locked his account.

"My poor judgement has lead to the biggest mistake of my life," Vargas wrote. "It would be an understatement to say that I regret the whole situation. For those who have stood beside me during this difficult period, I THANK YOU, and once again apologize for those who I have effected both directly and indirectly; and for those who find themselves on the other side of the argument, I apologize if I've offended you."

EJ mostly expressed frustration that various accounts on Twitter were circulating clips from the video which was stealing from the two creators who have the video available for paying subscribers.

"These are moments in life that break people," Vargas wrote in his note. "I will find it in myself to be the BEST PERSON I CAN."

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