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Grindr Stats Show These Countries Have the Most Tops (and Bottoms)

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People often lament that their city has "too many tops" or "too many bottoms." For whatever you are, there's too many of the other thing which lessens your options. Personally, I'm of the opinion that this is rarely true: there's likely just not enough people that fit your taste and standards, that are convenient enough for you to access, that you still see as suitable options — the two are very different things. Still, the "not enough" trope persists. And now, in a new report posted ot social media, Grindr has stepped into the fray.

In a series of post Grindr Unwrapped — think Spotify Unwrapped but a look at sex-related statistics of the "13 million gay, bi, trans & queer folks" who use the app each month — the well-known platform looked into some of our habits. What they found? Five countries with the highest percentage of tops.

"You ran the gamut of positions, but some countries came out on top," they wrote in a slide. The countries featured were Morocco, India, Nigeria, Chile, and Israel. "Behind every successful top is a power bottom," they continued on another slide, naming the countries with the highest percentage of bottoms as Vietnam, Sweden, Thailand, Peru, and South Africa.

These statistics were likely pulled from the on-app functionality of being able to choose your position — which does mean that people who select something other than their role ... are skewing things. How they categorized vers bottom and vers top we don't know but we'll assume they rounded up to bottom or top. 

"Now, before you balk at the claim that Chile is a hot spot for tops, or that Sweden is home to a higher-than-average bottom population, we wanted to offer a caveat," they wrote in a post. "This data only represents a subsection of our users (not all Grindr users include this information on their profiles), and Grindr itself only represents a subsection of the global queer community. So it’s important to note that this is not meant as a comprehensive or scientific report on global queer sex & dating behaviors. Instead, it’s meant as a fun and informal way to help our users get to know each other better, serve as an ice-breaker for conversations in the app, and provide some insights into Grindr activity trends from the year."

"And yes vers does exist," a slide reads that listed Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico, and Australia as the countries with the highest percentage of versatile users. South of the equator coming through!

Other statistics include the USA and Brazil having the most users, Kuwait, Thailand, and Portugal having the most people who host, and 855 million photos being sent a month. And even in a pandemic, it seems that the most activity worldwide on the app was Sunday evenings.

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