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Update: Sean Cody Is Removing Confederate Flag Tattooed Model From Site

confederate flag sean cody

UPDATE (6/20/19): After criticisms about their usage of a performer with a Confederate flag tattoo spread, Sean Cody has released a statement.

"The Sean Cody team apologizes for any harm and offense caused by the recent release of scenes featuring an unacceptable tattoo," a Sean Cody rep said to Out in an email. "The scenes have been taken down and we are actively taking measures to ensure this does not happen again." When informed that the model could be still found on some places on the site, the rep said that the scenes should be down within the hour. 

When asked to expand on or detail the steps being taken, the representative did not reply. Sean Cody initially blurred the Confederate flag from view in all imagery. When asked why, a representative for MindGeek, the company who owns Sean Cody, said "My assumption is the Confederate Flag was blurred to the fact that it may not resonate well with the gay audience. "

ORIGINAL (6/19/19): Studio porn isn’t doing too hot right now with the proliferation of homemade free and subscription based stuff. One would think that in such a climate, studios would be trying to slim their budgets but not so over at Sean Cody.

The porn site has recently announced a new bisexual model who has come into the fold named Zane. Sean Cody loves a mononym for talent. Well in adition to enjoying sex with men and women (he’s receiving for the former and inserting for the latter) apparently he is a fan of some good old-fashioned Southern imagery: the Confederate flag.

Film Stillx750

Though it has been blurred from view or photoshopped out in most of Sean Cody’s video and imagery, Zane sports a Confederate flag in the shape of the state of Texas on his shoulder. The ink was first pointed out by Str8upgayporn, a news site for the gay adult industry, when the studio released the initial trailer of Zane’s introduction to the site in a solo scene. When the trailer was uploaded to Twitter initially, the flag was on full display while it was blurred on the site. Now, they have released a second scene with Zane and another model, Jax.

For those unaware, the Confederate flag has a long history as racist iconography. While some point to it as an emblem of Southern heritage, that historical heritage is and will always be inextricably linked to a reliance on, support of, and even defense of slavery. There’s truly no other way to cut it: it’s not hate or history, the history is one of hate.

Within nine days, Sean Cody has released two videos of Zane, likely both filmed around the same time, long before Zane's debut. We have reached out but have not received a response for comment on the situation. Why they would see every inch of this man — which one would assume is standard for adult performers — recognize racist imagery, and then go on to cast and film him for at least two episodes only to spend time and resources essentially redacting that imagery is mind baffling when there’s tons of people on JustForFans trying to make a buck right there! But here we are, in 2019.

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