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Country and Pop Music Lovers Are Mostly Bottoms, Says New Survey

Country and Pop Music Lovers Are Mostly Bottoms Says New Survey

Don’t worry, they’ve figured out which genres tend to be tops too.

According to a new study by TickPick, an online ticket marketplace, if you're into country music, pop music or showtunes, you're more statistically likely to be a bottom. There was really no other way to preface that -- sorry to be so abrupt. The facts are the facts and this is what they've found.

After surveying 1,010 people (gays, straights and all in between) who enjoy listening to music and are sexually active, the site broke down their findings into a series of graphs. Among them, they sought to find out which genres were the most and least satisfied with their sex lives (country music was the most and pop music was the least), who liked doing doggy style the most (40 percent of rap/hip-hop fans prefer it) and who all was into BDSM (51 percent of indie rock fans, 50 percent of show tunes fans). But we know, we know, you want to know who the tops are and who the bottoms are.

First up, the disclaimer: from the way the survey results read, these are those who prefer to be "on the top" and "on the bottom." We all know the person who is physically on top doesn't have to be the insertive partner, and the person on the bottom doesn't have to be the receptive -- Kelela released a whole album about topping from the bottom. So take from these results what you will.

According to the survey, fans of country music, show tunes, pop, alternative and indie rock music all prefer being on the bottom. Country music comes out on top in this line up with 48 percent preferring to be on the bottom. And to that we only wish to say: yee fucking haw!

And now the tops: according to the survey reggae, folk, EDM, jazz and blues music fans are most likely to prefer being on top. Reggae reigns supreme with 37 percent of respondents preferring to be on top. It's something about the rhythm that does it!

Ok, all of this is fine, but the vers erasure leapt out here.

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