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A Guy’s Gay Landlord Accidentally Hooked Up With His Grindr Date

Gay Landlord

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme: landlord and the trade.

Now this is a sitcom plot I'd love to see.

One bisexual Reddit user was left scratching his head when it turned out that his Grindr hookup ended up at a different apartment than his own and sucking his gay landlord's dick.

In a viral Reddit post, a 26-year-old man named Joe from San Francisco, explained what he called the "wildest night" of his life.

"I scheduled to meet with a dude I met on Grindr over the weekend and we had only shared one pic," Joe wrote on Reddit. "I guess over the weekend, he catches amnesia or something and completely forgets how I look. Fast forward to 9:30pm and Kyle texts me that he's at the door. I opened the door, didn't see anyone and he had also completely ghosted me on text. I was sure at the moment I just got punk'd."

But Ashton Kutcher was not behind this at all. Kyle was not at Joe's front door. Kyle was in another apartment completely: Joe's landlord's apartment. And he was getting to know the landlord intimately.

Turns out it was a case of mistaken front door syndrome. Before Joe could answer the front door, Kyle was getting to know his landlord intimately.

"So he showed up and my LANDLORD (who I didn't know was gay) opens the door and asks him 'Grindr?'" And so Kyle thought the landlord was Joe.

He continued, "The greatest part of this is that I'm 6'1 and my landlord is 5'5, and he also just assumed he got cat-fished. Back to the story, my landlord gets naked and proceeds to suck this dude's dick. 5 seconds into the bj he feels super uneasy and I guess somehow his memory kicks in and then he goes, 'Wait, are you Joe?' And that was the exact moment Kyle knew he done fucked up."

Scandal! Intrigue! Blowjobs!

After Kyle's case of mistaken penis, it turns out he and Joe did end up hooking up and laughing about it. Joe shared the screenshots of their text conversations to verify.

"After the whole night, we just laid in bed laughing at how ridiculous the landlord situation was,' Joe told Gay Star News. "I don't plan to ever speak to my landlord about this awkward ass night."

Hopefully, Joe can still get back his security deposit.

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