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Rumors of Amanda Lepore and Kanye West's Affair Resurface

Rumors of Amanda Lepore and Kanye West's Affair Resurfacing

Travis Scott recently caused some outrage when he cut trans nightlife personality, Amanda Lepore from his album cover. Both Scott and photographer, David LaChapelle followed up the controversy with claiming that Lepore was so stunning, she upstaged the other models. Lepore seemed to even write it off as such.

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But now Page Six is adding some gas to the dumpster fire that is this celebrity gossip. They're citing a rumor that was started after the release of Lepore's memoir, Doll Parts. It's an anecdote about a rapper she had sex with at a San Francisco hotel before he married someone with “a similar body type to me.”

That sparked a rumor around this time last year that Kanye West is the rapper referred to in the book. And seeing as how Scott has worked with West and is the father of Kylie Jenner's baby, it's not a totally ridiculous theory.

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“Kanye is behind Amanda’s removal from the cover,” a source to Page Six. “These things are related.”

However, another source told the same Page Six when the rumor originally surfaced that it's not true: “That is not within the realm of possibility." But given West's recently blossoming friendship with Donald Trump, infidelity and transphobia seem totally within the realm of possibility.

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