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amanda lepore

Amanda Lepore Drags Kim Kardashians' Met Gala Look in 5 Words

It's safe to say the nightlife icon wasn't a big fan...

This New Amanda Lepore Collection Will Make Your Inner Club Kid Shine

Thanks to Patrick Church's latest collection, we now get to wear the "Most Expensive Body on Earth" on our own bodies!

Rumors of Amanda Lepore and Kanye West's Affair Resurface

An interesting new twist in the Travis Scott controversy.

Amanda Lepore Cropped Out of Travis Scott Album Cover

Lepore doesn't seem bothered by the edit.

Exclusive: Alek Sandar Releases 'P.O.R.N.' Featuring Amanda Lepore

The track and video features transgender advocate, performer, and socialite celebrity.

WATCH: Sexy Slick It Up Halloween Vid Starring Amanda Lepore

The fetishwear designer David Mason also makes a surprise appearance