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Amanda Lepore Cropped Out of Travis Scott Album Cover

travis scott

Hip hop artist, Travis Scott recently unveiled the cover of his third album, Astroworld via Instagram. The image shot by David LaChapelle quickly made the rounds online.

The photographer even posted the original photo himself. But what many noticed is that it featured trans nightlife icon, Amanda Lepore, who'd been removed from the final album cover. Lepore commented on Scott's post, “This is great but there’s one thing missing... Me.”



Many have come to Lepore's defense in the comment sections, including Aquaria, Violet Chachki, and Rain Dove. But Lepore doesn't seem to be offended by the omission.

"A girl can’t help it," Lepore posted. "Too distracting for the eyes. Upstaged everyone in the photograph. Oh well... I love @david_lachapelleand @travisscott. Love and kisses."

Although Scott hasn't responded to claims of transphobia, LaChapelle echoed Lepore's statement, saying she "just upstaged every one." He also commented, "Travis is the coolest and don't give a fuck about nothing."

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