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Paris Hilton Gives Us the V-Day Present We Begged For With New Single 'I Need You'

AP Photo/ Richard Shotwell

The V-Day treats just seem to keep on rolling in—in addition to new music from Kim Petras and a baby from Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, another gay icon has given us fresh content: Paris Hilton, with her new single "I Need You."

You'll be pleasantly to suprised to learn that "I Need You" is a softer, moodier direction for the perfume princess, who seems to be offering her take on a Joanne era with the twangy new track. 

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Appropriately enough considering the holiday, "I Need You"'s lyrics are over-the-top syrupy and smothering:

"I wanna put the happy in your Birthday," she croons, "And I wanna be the merry in your Christmas/ I'm always giving thanks for you on every Thanksgiving... You are the light in my heart of darkness/ You are not like anyone I've ever met/ You are my light under the door/ You are my baby love angel."

If we're truly lucky on this sugarcoated holiday, we'll soon learn that the release of this single coincides with the announcement of a new record, or at least a new video. We've been jittery with excitement since Paris made a cameo in Kim Petras' "I Don't Want It At All." 

Listen to "I Need You" below:

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