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An Unexpected Inspiration: Alyssa Edwards Talks 'Dancing Queen' at DragCon NYC

An Unexpected Inspiration: Alyssa Edwards Talks 'Dancing Queen' at DragCon NYC

Alyssa Edwards talks "Dancing Queen Netflix" Series at DragCon

“The show, above all, is going to be inspiring," Alyssa said. 

While most of us know Alyssa Edwards as being the queen robbed from making top three of Drag Race All Stars 2, the tongue-popping diva is so much more than a quirky queen. She's a dancer, a teacher, and an inspiration.

It's weird to think of the lip-sync assassin as being inspirational, but the truth is, Alyssa, or rather Justin Dwayne Lee Johnson, is. And her Netflix Series Dancing Queen shows the true depth of the All Star alum.

At RuPaul's DragCon NYC this past weekend, Alyssa not only showed the first 11-minutes of the first episode of Dancing Queen to a packed room, she also spoke about the process of the series. During the interview, she showed all the fans in attendance about the other half of her that people may not know: Justin, an instructor and the owner of an elite dance studio in Mesquite, Texas.

"I started my dance studio in a garage," Alyssa said, "Beyond Belief is my first love."

Alyssa brought two former students - now teachers at Beyond Belief - who have been working with Justin for over a dozen years. With their help, he discussed how he teaches the young girls in the conservative town of Mesquite.

"I'm a tough love teacher. It's not my job to tell you and reassure you every day. But I'm gonna shape you to be a successful dancer," he said. "I'm gonna be like Debbie Allen and boss these kids around."

Dragcon_092917_108But the amount of love Justin has for his children is that of a true parent. It's clear that he would do anything to help his students succeed. He doesn't just teach his students to dance, he teaches them how to live, persevere, and be good people.

"You taught me how to be my own star, and how to be a good person and a leader. I'm so thankful for that," a former student said to Justin on stage.

Justin's show is shot docu-style and is much more in the vein of Queer Eye than Drag Race. You get to see Justin interact with his students and the more "aggressive" dance moms.

"Let's be clear," Justin said of the moms in his studio, "There's nothing like the women of Texas."

You also get a glimpse of what it's like being a flamboyant gay man in the small Texan town.

"We have people who are super conservative, but they go 'We appreciate you because you're here for the children.'"

Alyssa then concluded the talk by saying, "The show, above all, is going to be inspiring."

Watch the trailer for Dancing Queen below!

All the episodes Dancing Queen will be available on Netflix October 5.

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