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Tom Daley Is Unrecognizable When Dressed—And Other Fun Facts from Attitude’s Body Issue

Tom Daley Attitude Body Issue

Tom Daley is on the cover of Attitude’s March issue, dedicated to health, exercise, and the body image problems facing the LGBTQ people, especially men.

Daley, the openly gay Olympic-winning diver, talked about his exercise regime and healthy eating, but made sure to emphasize that “there’s more to me than just my body.”

He also shares elsewhere that, when he’s out, sometimes fans don’t recognize him right away because he’s fully dressed.

“Outside of the pool I don’t walk around the house in my trunks!” Daley told Attitude. “The other day, an old lady came up to me and said: ‘Gosh, I don’t recognize you with your clothes on!’ and I guess people see me on TV and diving with no clothes on.”

Added Daley: “It’s nice to go to a photoshoot and actually wear something.”

Read more over at Attitude.

Bonus: Daley cuddling with a puppy; day = made.

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